Sunday, March 23, 2008

Summer ski

Today (23-03-08) ,on Sunday to be exact.

We really enjoyed our trip to Ice world together with the

BSS- Brunei Student Society. Yea, everyone was there

except the brothers(have to go some where else with their

family)and she was there too =>.<= Hehe~nevertheless I

showed some of my skating skill like pro (mcm bnr). Well in

the end, I left with few minor bruises on my both of my

hands and hurt my ankle (sakit kaki ku)

--> NostalgiaS

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Finally i managed to download some of the pictures taken by ling2 during the graduation.
First of all, most of the pictures taken I look like as if im closing my eyes-well ppl im NOT.
It could be worts if i wore contact lens T_T at that night .

i have so many pictures but i think this is the only ones better. Bnr~

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

when i woke up this morning i realized that its too late to go to uni for my lecture but tomorrow i will DEFINITELY go to uni.(yea right, i hope so >.<-v)

Last night i went to Brisbane city hall to attend the graduation for my foundation course.

wow! i feel so excited to meet my colleges that night and everyone looks so amazing (including me-wearing full suit man).

im really anxious when i got up there to receive my certificate and actually its feels so great when everyone clap and cheer for you for your really motivates me to do "better" in my studies.

i was expecting a buffet or a special dinner and it turns out that they only serve light meal where i cant really sure whether its Halal or not.

Urg~too bad no free meal.

Above : Chinese Mafia Association :P (CMA)
Hong kong boys except me and Junko

Above: here's my mates who's doing foundation with me .

Official Blog19-03-08

Hi every1.

Honestly, this my first blog where im going to tell you about my daily life here in Australia.
i dont want to feel emtpy so its better to write a blog since both of my siblings -k.matul and Damit have 1. i really enjoy reading their blog even though its been a while since i talked to them on the phone.

alright then
thats all for today.

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