Thursday, May 21, 2009

Clinic practical.

Sorry for the huge gap.

Things have kind of got away from me so I haven't updated for quite some time but just for you,

promised I would post something today.

So to update you on what has been going on,

I have been spending my time doing 2 of my practical in Malaysia and 1 currently doing clinic

practical in Brunei. Eventhough it is exhausting but it is worth the effort being put into

as I am 1 step closer to reach my goal as a vet.

This is what you get when you handle a fearsome cat.

This dog arrived yesterday due to the injury it sustain on the left hind leg.
Further checkup, we discovered it had a bone fracture.

Tomorrow I will be sent to KB branch which is probably 100ish Km from my house.yikes.

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