Sunday, October 26, 2008

Foundation life in Brisbane 2007.

My foundation mates in 2007

Hi guys!

Here's a picture of me with my foundation mates during our last semester.

To tell you the truth that for some time I do really miss them.

I remember when the 1st time we met each other

We all look so innocent but not for long until we make fool of ourselves.


I really miss the moment that we spend together eating, laughing and studying in a group

and sharing our prospective among ourselves in different culture

throughout the year


wonder that we all now move into separate yet different life pathways to pursue

our ambition and to achieve success.

In the same time,

Some of us left and went to Melbourne and

one of them to msia which turns out to be me.

Foundation Farewell party, 2007.

Dont worry guys,

I will let you know when I'm coming back. keke.

I expect everyone will do great in their exams and I good luck you guys.

thats all for today to share with.


Friday, October 17, 2008

New handphone.

I couldn't help noticing that my hand phone, Nokia N90, somehow indicating

an error message whenever I plug in the charger plug

or else I cant recharge my battery.

This phone was a gift from my mum 3 years ago back during High school.

I really appreciate it and I still treasure it until now.

If wasn't because of my broken Nokia N90

I would not bother buying a new handphone and rather keeping it

Today, After being "kusut" (worry).

I went to Low yat with my brother.

On our way there,

we found ourselves caught in a heavy traffic jam

that we spend most of time in the car.

(3 hours that sure flatted my ass. hahaha)


like always,

being a big brother,

I, who enjoy blaming his younger brother for not going out early

(well, since he is the driver of his 'new' car. ~Kaching~)

or else non of this would happen in the first place.

ok, in the end I bought myself a Nokia E90 communicator.

My Nokia E90

I can consider it as a bargain

(maybe not, compare to Ebay) --> I miss Ebay 'ing!!!


E90 looks more bigger, heavier and even rugged than N90

but I still consider N90 as my best choice.

A comparison between Nokia E90 and N90.
(please ignore my notes, I have a bad handwriting)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I woke up rather late today because I couldn't find my watch for the first place.

Its so warm here eventhough its quite sunny outside.
( best time to clean up my laundry ^.^-v).

I went back to my brother's house last night due to matter in fact that when

I realised my laundry is piling up like a huge fur ball

and don't forget to mention the stinky smell. piuu~ (X_x).


I cant stop thinking about EXAMS

everytime even before or after I go to sleep and as soon I wake up from bed!!!!


its like echo'ing in my eardrum since forever.

Gosh!!!! the pressure~!!!! the tension~!!!

I can senses it and.....

its coming...for me. yikes (X_x)

I know its not the best time to argue or to complaint but I miss playing piano.

Its been awhile ever since I arrived here so as to each time I overheard a piano

rhythm somehow I can imagine myself the one who is playing it

although I still consider myself as a rookie.

Taken on 08-04-08

Here's a Video of me together with my housemate, Fatma (ah yo~), playing Heart and soul.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The 10 'i's of me

Taken early this year (2008)

The 10 'i's of me :
  1. I'm Proud to be a Vet student
  2. I'm a slow learner
  3. I'm a Tea person
  4. I blush easily
  5. I have a sensitive stomach
  6. I'm a knight not a lover ( wow ~ as if ))
  7. I don't believe love in 1st sight ( its Ridiculous & Crap!!)( x logic)
  8. I can kill someone by using my laser eye beam ( hahaha)
  9. I have 2 personalities ( Beware of the other "me" urg~) O_O!
  10. I have a small chance to become Superman

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Right after our Raya holiday,

we had our Vet profession presentation on the next following day.

Eventhough everyone were still in their Raya mood, we managed to do it well enough, I think.

(where I slept or fell asleep (haha) during the next group bad ;P what to do? im so damn tired )

Thanks to Nizam's friend who helped me for the
presentation poster.

The 10 days of semester break was like a dream that's what my brother said.

The next thing you know, you will be packing up and ready to leave Brunei.

Im so happy that I able to meet some of my old mates.

Not to forget Alif, who I unfortunately not able to meet him before he left Brunei to UK for his

Degree. ( But no need to worry about , Im sure he's doing Great there, Gambatte!!)

Anyway, look what I have found here.
Jazzy in Msian Version


I felt so thirsty that I couldn't Tahan (bare) anymore

to buy water from the "expensive" cafe downstair

Therefore, I decided to take the risk by drinking water

from the water expenser or water cooler -->thats what they called it here.


In the end, I ended up spending myself in the toilet cramping.

It was awful that only god knows what happened in there.( hahahaha)

thats all for now

Goodnight everyone!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *