Saturday, August 1, 2009

9 years pet found - 1,200 miles away

9 years after vanishing from outside her Australian family's home, Muffy the dog was found alive and well this month in another backyard — 1,200 miles away — officials said Thursday.

Inspectors with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were investigating a possible animal cruelty case at a home in the southern city of Melbourne two weeks ago when they found the fluffy white mutt sleeping outside on a scrap of cardboard, Victoria state RSPCA spokesman Tim Pilgrim said.

A microchip in Muffy's neck identified her owners, and, after a few days of searching for a current phone number, officials tracked down Natalie Lampard, who hadn't seen Muffy since the pooch disappeared from her backyard in the eastern city of Brisbane nine years ago.

"When the RSPCA described her, I told them her name; I knew immediately it was our Muffy," Lampard said. "It was totally out of the blue — after nine years, I thought she was long gone."

The owners of the Melbourne house where Muffy was discovered said they found the dog about a year ago wandering along a street, Pilgrim said. But where had Muffy spent the previous eight years? And how did she get all the way to Melbourne — about 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) from Brisbane?

"Nobody knows," Pilgrim said. "The mystery continues for old Muffy."

Muffy was suffering from a severe allergic reaction to fleas and has been under treatment since the RSPCA removed her from the Melbourne home, Pilgrim said. The dog, which the Lampards originally adopted from an RSPCA shelter near Brisbane, is recovering well and should be in good enough shape to fly back home on Tuesday, Pilgrim said.

Lampard got Muffy as a gift for her now 17-year-old daughter Chloe, and the two had been inseparable, Lampard said.

"After the RSPCA called, I rang my daughter and asked her if she was sitting down, then told her they'd found Muffy," Lampard said. "She's over the moon and there'll be a few tears shed when they see each other again. But just how she got down to Melbourne I guess is a mystery that will never be answered."

by ABC news

I got this from my sister and would glad to share with you guys.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Friends sh*t f*ck! ( friendship park)

They called us the "Sunken Heroes".

We fought the battle of wars and never give up until the very end.

We conquered not only the land but the sea as well.

We claimed our so-called temporary victories with our own blood and sweat.

In the end we maintain peace and justice

~Eventhough throughout the process ~

Some have sacrificed themselves for the sake of freedom.

Few have been detained as war prisoners.
(may God bless you)

Some have swam back and never return.

Some decided to explore the unknown world beyond the map.

Some have found new land.

Some......simply waiting to be saved by her "west-life"'s guy.
(I wish i could tell her it was me Xp "*joking*)

Some still wondering and searching...

others have found an invisible bond between them... friendship

Friendships isnt how you forget but how to forgive.

Not how you listen but how you understand.

Not how you see but how you feel

Not how you let go but how you hold on,

What brings them together is what they come for


I need them.

Back to Uni


not only me but everyone here need to get up as early as possible as to catch the first

shuttle bus at 730 in the morning.

The difficult thing to do was to get up in the early morning,

It felt like as if Im being glued to my precious bed somehow and probably I was still dreaming

and wondering around in my fantasy world.

Ha~ too bad, it didn't last long,

not until my roommate pull me back to reality. I was awake.

The fact is reality is too painful to ponder and

I never enjoyed myself spending my time in the toilet, pressing my stomach and crying in pain,

nevertheless the food here seems to be more spicy than I ever imagined.

Its been a year now since I arrived here and now, I'm in my 2nd year of my degree.

I met so many new friends and I got myself a new title now,"Senior" and it sounds cool~.

The Juniors are friendly and rather childish( ha3 Im joking).

I wonder how do I look like when I first got myself here...hrmmmm. interesting to know..

I managed to settle my accommodation and stayed with my old mates which is good.

By the way,

everything is a O.K except the never ending lousy internet connection.

ohh one more thing , currently they are constructing a new pond nearby my dorm

( wow~ amazing is it ?)

and how great it is and for sure there will be ALOT of mosquitos

( probabbly this will trible the mosquito's population) YIKES~

Anyhow, Life here isn't that boring as I pictured in my mind.

It is fun to have friends here and I really enjoy it every moment of it.

Sunday, June 7, 2009





by Harima Kenji

Monday, June 1, 2009

My best friend.

A memorial video of my departed cat, Hakikut -My beloved cat, my Best friend and

my biggest companion .

He 's been with me nearly 10 years but now he must take his next journey alone.

I love you and you are more to me than a cat.

I miss you...

How am I going to say Goodbye when you're gone...

The Insanity Ride



Thursday, May 21, 2009

Clinic practical.

Sorry for the huge gap.

Things have kind of got away from me so I haven't updated for quite some time but just for you,

promised I would post something today.

So to update you on what has been going on,

I have been spending my time doing 2 of my practical in Malaysia and 1 currently doing clinic

practical in Brunei. Eventhough it is exhausting but it is worth the effort being put into

as I am 1 step closer to reach my goal as a vet.

This is what you get when you handle a fearsome cat.

This dog arrived yesterday due to the injury it sustain on the left hind leg.
Further checkup, we discovered it had a bone fracture.

Tomorrow I will be sent to KB branch which is probably 100ish Km from my house.yikes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *