Friday, April 18, 2008


hi! guys

while waiting for my housemates to go city, i uploaded some random pictures that i would to share with.

---> I found this in coles (local supermarket in Aus) while shopping in the city. *INTERESTING*

-->been searching for this pictures for ages~
it was a school trip to belalong Temburong in 2003.hehe.try to spot me.

--> keai keke" the snow ferret. .

--->taken early this year -2008. Me,lif and din(from the left). unfortunately Syukri unable to attend the photo shoot (hey anak a2 bnr)

---> miss Air Asia --Sleeping during the Flight.muahahahahahahha.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Classic Sport carS

I really like this old school car, the Nissan or known before as Datsun 280zx or S30 coupe which manufactured from 1978 to 1983.

Here some pictures of the car (enjoy) :

Basically this baby is a FR layout and powered by 2.0 LE or 2.8 LET (Turbo).

Alright.the down side of the car is for having 2 seaters only(apakan?) . No wonder its current processor 350Z have 2 seaters too. buring~

Second car is the Famous touge monster, the Toyota AE86 also known as Hachirouku which mean 86 in Japan.

Its base on FR layout popular for drifting maniac and powered by 4AG-EU which is 4 cylinders producing 1.6 L naturally aspirated (NA).

Sunday, April 6, 2008


we went to Supanova pop culture expo today.
$20 ticket per person(urg~expensive T_T) but its worth after all when i got to met sooo many anime fans including fancy cosplay contestants.
finally, I manage to meet Chobits cosplay ( the one i hoping for)---> Chi is not what I have expected it to be. NOoOoOoOoOoO0~! X_X
here some of the pictures that i took.
Enjoy guys
Free Chocolate from KROMK Studios.

star wars pilot--> just back to earth.

being held as a hostage --> darth vader is soooo Freak'ing cool.
urg~ why does every nice pictures have to be BLUR??

---> finally a nice picture.They let me go as long i join the dark side. PEACE ^-^V

---> rescued by a Female Jedi. i wonder where can i buy a saber sword like that.( slash this and that~)

----> Squal from Final Fantasy (i think) look at the sword --pretty impressive
FACT= its made in wood. (i see)

---> turns out that Squal is a girl >.<. OMG!!!that explain the chest. No wonder Im attracted to her (male instinct strike)

---> meow~ cat woman likes me.GURRR~

Tomorrow afternoon im going to have my 1st Anotomy quiz.
i will do my best to get a good result. yess! Kammate~! Shin chan~

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