Sunday, April 6, 2008


we went to Supanova pop culture expo today.
$20 ticket per person(urg~expensive T_T) but its worth after all when i got to met sooo many anime fans including fancy cosplay contestants.
finally, I manage to meet Chobits cosplay ( the one i hoping for)---> Chi is not what I have expected it to be. NOoOoOoOoOoO0~! X_X
here some of the pictures that i took.
Enjoy guys
Free Chocolate from KROMK Studios.

star wars pilot--> just back to earth.

being held as a hostage --> darth vader is soooo Freak'ing cool.
urg~ why does every nice pictures have to be BLUR??

---> finally a nice picture.They let me go as long i join the dark side. PEACE ^-^V

---> rescued by a Female Jedi. i wonder where can i buy a saber sword like that.( slash this and that~)

----> Squal from Final Fantasy (i think) look at the sword --pretty impressive
FACT= its made in wood. (i see)

---> turns out that Squal is a girl >.<. OMG!!!that explain the chest. No wonder Im attracted to her (male instinct strike)

---> meow~ cat woman likes me.GURRR~

Tomorrow afternoon im going to have my 1st Anotomy quiz.
i will do my best to get a good result. yess! Kammate~! Shin chan~


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