Friday, October 17, 2008

New handphone.

I couldn't help noticing that my hand phone, Nokia N90, somehow indicating

an error message whenever I plug in the charger plug

or else I cant recharge my battery.

This phone was a gift from my mum 3 years ago back during High school.

I really appreciate it and I still treasure it until now.

If wasn't because of my broken Nokia N90

I would not bother buying a new handphone and rather keeping it

Today, After being "kusut" (worry).

I went to Low yat with my brother.

On our way there,

we found ourselves caught in a heavy traffic jam

that we spend most of time in the car.

(3 hours that sure flatted my ass. hahaha)


like always,

being a big brother,

I, who enjoy blaming his younger brother for not going out early

(well, since he is the driver of his 'new' car. ~Kaching~)

or else non of this would happen in the first place.

ok, in the end I bought myself a Nokia E90 communicator.

My Nokia E90

I can consider it as a bargain

(maybe not, compare to Ebay) --> I miss Ebay 'ing!!!


E90 looks more bigger, heavier and even rugged than N90

but I still consider N90 as my best choice.

A comparison between Nokia E90 and N90.
(please ignore my notes, I have a bad handwriting)


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