Sunday, October 26, 2008

Foundation life in Brisbane 2007.

My foundation mates in 2007

Hi guys!

Here's a picture of me with my foundation mates during our last semester.

To tell you the truth that for some time I do really miss them.

I remember when the 1st time we met each other

We all look so innocent but not for long until we make fool of ourselves.


I really miss the moment that we spend together eating, laughing and studying in a group

and sharing our prospective among ourselves in different culture

throughout the year


wonder that we all now move into separate yet different life pathways to pursue

our ambition and to achieve success.

In the same time,

Some of us left and went to Melbourne and

one of them to msia which turns out to be me.

Foundation Farewell party, 2007.

Dont worry guys,

I will let you know when I'm coming back. keke.

I expect everyone will do great in their exams and I good luck you guys.

thats all for today to share with.



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