Saturday, October 11, 2008

I woke up rather late today because I couldn't find my watch for the first place.

Its so warm here eventhough its quite sunny outside.
( best time to clean up my laundry ^.^-v).

I went back to my brother's house last night due to matter in fact that when

I realised my laundry is piling up like a huge fur ball

and don't forget to mention the stinky smell. piuu~ (X_x).


I cant stop thinking about EXAMS

everytime even before or after I go to sleep and as soon I wake up from bed!!!!


its like echo'ing in my eardrum since forever.

Gosh!!!! the pressure~!!!! the tension~!!!

I can senses it and.....

its coming...for me. yikes (X_x)

I know its not the best time to argue or to complaint but I miss playing piano.

Its been awhile ever since I arrived here so as to each time I overheard a piano

rhythm somehow I can imagine myself the one who is playing it

although I still consider myself as a rookie.

Taken on 08-04-08

Here's a Video of me together with my housemate, Fatma (ah yo~), playing Heart and soul.


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