Friday, November 14, 2008

On the 20th October,

It was early in the morning

where I still enjoying my beauty sleep when I suddenly woke up by

my housemate, Yong.

Yup! which remind me that today

he is going out for his Diploma graduation.

Im getting tan.NOOOO!

Actually, I just woke up when we took this picture.

On the 5th November,

We had our final paper which is the Vet Intro.

I couldn't resist smiling that I managed to answer nearly all of the questions.

So happy ^_^-V


Today is the day, I declare


the end of our 1st Semester in 2008. Banzai!!!!!! everyone!!!

Our 1st semester group picture.


the night, I went to Mines celebrating ( a shopping complex) along with my coursemate.

Soon after we had our dinner there we went to cinema to watch "Max Payne".

I give it 2.5/5 of rating. not very happy with it.

Max Payne the movie

On the 9th November,

today is our vet camp.

well,its not actually a "VET CAMP" as in something to do with animals in a camp.( hahaha).

Its going to be 3 days and 2 nights of camp.

Nooo~ how am I going to survive without internet?? T__T

Frankly, all the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 1 (DVM1) students are compulsory to participate

in this activity.

If not, confirm I "Cabut" (gone) already by that time .

what to do ? I no other choice.

In fact, joining the Vet camp was really a good decision after all!!!

I have chance to know more about my mates through the process

and I really had fun!!! seriously!!!

Im quite frustrated that I dont have the picture to share with right now might some other time

because most of pictures taken by my friend's cam.

Here I have our team's flat - the "Polar Bear"

People get misinterpreted with it as a mouse or a cat.hahaha. silly~

I will upload my group picture next time.

On our way back to bus.

Some of my coursemates.


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