Saturday, November 22, 2008

Post To China

Currently Im so sleepy untill I cant take out the words that i want to write here.

will probably continue tomorrow or the following days.
cheers. zZz

*Welcome to China*

It was the night of winter that when I arrived to Guang-zhou, China.
I have been experiencing exhaustion and dizziness both in the same time
due to lack of rest after a long journey to get here.
I have noticed that Im having running nose and frost bite as well *yikes that's hurts*.
All I can say it was freaking damn cold here!! X_x uh~ *shivering*.
Nevertheless I couldn't resist but to enjoy this kind of weather. *me like it*

Ho~ho~ho~ Merry Xmas!
*in the hotel lobby*

1st of all,
the accommodation where Im staying in is located within the city subsequently its quite crowded.
At downtown , there are pretty much cheap clothes, shoes and anything *just name it*
YES~as it seem, it is very tempting to buy considering its cheap price.

The night in the city

Streets fills with the crowds.

Me standing in the crowd

Uww tea shop,
me Like Tea~
me want Tea~

Jiao Tong which stands for "Transport". -_-!
*thanks for the correction joanne*

What catches my eyes is that there's Chinese Muslim restaurant nearby the street.
Indeed, it is very convenient for Muslim travelers not only to have a rest but also to
exchange information and in the same time it also gave me the chance to have a glimpse of the way of Chinese Muslims life in "China" coping with their daily activities.

ZFY, a muslim restaurant

De Chef'
*wa~la~ magnificent~*

"Come~ Come~ Look~ Look ~" -> the salesman shouted.
that's how they greet tourist especially the Europeans.
No matter what, they will try to convince or may I say "force" you to buy their items
eventhough you might NOT consider it to be useful
which sometimes I found it to be annoying.
Thus, More or less the price here are cheaper and alot of varieties too
compare to my home country.
The people here are more likely to be friendly than what I have in mind but rather the opposite when it comes to Hong kong *No offence* >.<-v though.

Now that I remember her name is Ling.

Uwww~ Do you notice what I see? there's a Brunei's flag for sale.

After days in Guang Zhou, I headed to Shen Zhen via Train
which took probably an hour and a half to get there where most of the time I fell asleep in the whole journey. ~zZzZz~ sleepy~

Guang Zhou Rail way Terminal Station

uww~ To Disneyland only for $50 *Fascinating*

Ticket is check and Im ready to go.
Shen Zhen here I come!

Inside the Terminal and it still smells new though. *Being sakai*

At first glance, I thought it was a Bullet train.
Chu~chu~ Train.

I swear that to a certain time the train reaches to 202 km/hr
*keke well my car can clock at 220km/hr*

Welcome to Shen Zhen

ah~ this should be for the cat soup I guess.

Puppies for sale.

Im pretty sure that is a Siberian Huski breed.
Isn't that adorable?!!! cute~

Its a Pormeranian breed.
Couldnt know the name of the breed without the help of my coursemate, Joanne.
* Anyway she's linked with my blog so peek out her blog as well*

They even sell Fishes here!!! in the street.

very nice pose.

To Hong Kong

After fooling around in China, Its time to go back now.
Before that Im going to stay in Hong Kong for 2 days for transit before going back to Brunei.
Unfortunately, I fell sick in those 2 days so I end up nesting in the hotel.
I know!! its a worst time to get sick in a trip where I should have gone somewhere else exploring.

what to do?~not feeling well.

On the way to hotel.

Uwww~! a Double decker~

Went through a underground tunnel.

Welcome to Hong Kong!!!!
*HK's Street*

Merce S class, my ride to the Airport.

hahaha I can see my one of my luggage *tiong*

On the way to the Airport.

Bye-Bye Hong Kong! T_T

But..but..but I still want to go to disney land !!!! T_T
*probably next time*

Finally on the right track to go home.


Joanne said...

haha thanks for promoting my blog. XD
Anw had nice trip in China yea? Took Airasia n land in Guangzhou?? ^^

Eh, the "jiao tong" means transport, not army lah~


Pang2 said...

thank u for notifying me that.

nope actually from Bruneo to Hong kong
then took bus to Guangzhou since there's no direct flight in the package flight.


Mun Keong said...

When did u go for the china trip ???

Pang2 said...

Hi Mun Keong!!!
how are u buddy??
i went there early this year.
i was pretty bored when suddenly i saw this pics of me in my document.So i decided post a blog regarding about m trip there.
hopefull can share it with you guys.


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