Friday, August 22, 2008

On Wednesday,

I had my 1st presentation on "Society and changes".

During the presentation as usual i freaked out but good thing that I didn't chocked out like what happened during the BSS AGM.

(so embarrassed, =>.<=blushed)

Everyone was watching at me!!!!!

but I act normal until I hold the mic.





(excessive heart beat!)

as if my heart will burst in any minute ,YIKEsss!!!

(commencing self destruct sequence in 3 second) goshh!!!


what should I do?!!!!!!wuakakakaka


"I dont want to run away"
"I dont want to run away"
"I dont want to run away,I believe I can do this!!"


I opened my mouth and start to talk.

(Self destruct sequence disengage )

safeeee!!! O_O!

So far, it goes well as planned( I hope so )

(serious face of keitaro)

I didn't know that putting a serious face and acting macho was that hard. (heiizz)

Later that night,

I was supposed to be studying for my Biochem

but instead I went for out to Hostel no.10 in UPM celebrating "tung-long" along with my course mates.

----> DVM1 ( Doctor Veterinary Medicine 1 2008)


it was my 1st time having "tung-long" here and I don't think that I ever been to "tung-long" before, not that i can remember of :P

I never thought that I will ever enjoy life here,

but in fact making new friends does helps me a lot especially coping up with uni's stress life after 3 quizzes in a row this week.

---> Mun keong, me and Yong.

---> me doing chinese calligraphy

--->> ahhh ? hrmmmm...? chakar ayam.

----> nice!!!

---> I don't know.

----> some of my coursemates


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *