Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stethoscope hoho~

This arrived today and I'm very happy with it as its my 1st very own stethoscope.

Lab dub~ lab dub~ (imitating heart bit)

ah yo~! (^_^)-v

and talking about price urg~! its damn expensive!!!!!!

I was hoping to get a student discount for that.

oh well~ what to do, sooner or later I will have to buy it anyway (bnr)

On Friday, I decided to go to Mid-vally, b sungkai,( 3 or 4 times larger the size of "The Mall gdg" )
with my mates

for Edwin's farewell party who's going to transfer to a private uni taking Bio-medic course.

To Edwin : all the best of luck buddy !!, hope to see you around )

Damn it !!!

I totally forget to take picture alone with him!!!!!!

but here i have the latest picture of him( Edwin is 3rd from the right) along with us :

In commuter, On our way to go back to college(hostel)

Fooling around in the middle of the night.


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