Friday, July 25, 2008

Human Impression


This is just one of the most amazing things I have ever viewed!

The animal's joy is evident that he loves them as much as they love him.

Truly shows the love an animal can hold within its heart.

He could have made chopped meat out of them but instead he acted like a big pussy cat. (meow)

I have been studying and trying to read cat's face expression ( joking la hahahaha)

take a look at this picture below:

is'nt he adorable???? innocent.

I feel like I want to give a pinch on his face.(gigitan ku bnr)

Human impression on cats in blue house :

1. kiuttttttt !!!! -->saadiah

2.usulnya ah !! -->Farhan aka spartan

3.oi! kmari ko !!!!!! --> nazmi calling jaz! tdo tia !! --> Fariz

5.come come ! -->fatma

6. *UnKnown* --> haz O_O

blue house members(2008,1 sem break)
mana sadiah? MIA (Missing In Action)
Fariz just where are u looking at? hahaha (>_<)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


After more than 8 hours of flight from Australia i finally met up my brothers and sister here.

I miss them alot.
Everyone looks amazing.


my youngest brother khairul (The Muscle man, Hobby: drink milk,Alene, Status: single.muahaha)

Phone call.

On the 23rd of June,


Everyday seem to be the same for me until

I received a phone call from my younger sister informing me that i have been

accepted to UPM (University Putra Malaysia)


Bachelor of Veterinary Doctor Medicine.”

Bachelor of Veterinary Doctor Medicine.”

Bachelor of Veterinary Doctor Medicine.”

Bachelor of Veterinary Doctor Medicine.”

Bachelor of Veterinary Doctor Medicine.”


Still blur.

6 Months ago! (flash back) ba~zoom~

I was devasted when UQ turn down my application on Vet.(meyamal ku nyamu)

I wanted to be Vet since i was little and Its been my dream to be a vet.

Now that dream simply vanised into thin air.(mcm batu jdi pasir )

“cuba tah ko antar borang a2 ke upm mana tau kna accept” mama ku ckp

“au ,ma” aku ckp.

Translation in english (speaking kapal) :

“You try to summit your application to upm who knows they will accept you”

my mum suggested.

“Yes ma” i answered bluntly.

I neverthought that my application will ever reach to UPM and expecting the same

reply as UQ does.

After 6 months (back to the future) ba~zoom~

Received a letter from UPM:


Bla bla bla your application to UPM bla bla bla succesfull bla bla offer bla bla course

Bachelor of Veterinary Doctor Medicine” ~

Bachelor of Veterinary Doctor Medicine.”~

Bachelor of Veterinary Doctor Medicine.”~

Bachelor of Veterinary Doctor Medicine.”~


Is this a dream ?-->nope its reality (good..)


or some kind of prank ??

--> nope no hidden cam detected, no paparazi (phew)


Twinkle twinkle little star~


God has anwered my prayer!!

This is my chance

My ony chance to fulfil my dream as vet.

~Cry cry cry ~


still cryin~

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Before 23th June

I gazed upon the sky .

It was cloudy today and moreover its chilling cold these days as winter is

arriving soon.( Freezing (n_n) siuk~ )

I was completely de-"motivated" when I get to know that my ielts result is not that

sufficient to meet the UQ's English requirement (for the 4th time, stupid x_X) and

everything is out of hand when I found out that my exams are coming soon than I

less expected it to be.

One word that keeps on echo’ing in my ear :




At night,

I cant sleep very well as if Im having some kind of insomnia.

Hrmmm. I forget how to sleep la (0_0)

May be,

because i keep on thinking about my EXAMS


Having irregular sleep pattern appears to effect my daily activities.

When I wake up late (Z_Z)

I feel so weak as I skip my breakfast even my lauch

(#_#) ~Alert low sugar level detected!!

Even skinnier than usual. Hahaha! (Skinny~)


I can say that Im in the state of chaos with my
overgrown mustache and beard (kusut usulnya) rather look more mature in a way. (muahaha)

At this moment,

Everything is confusing for me

I feel like every living creatures around me will turn to vain by my presence.


Especially for HER”. (From the beginning until now ^_^)

~(Being sentimental now)~


Staring at you from a distant

You soften my heart yet again ( case ang’gau) .

I may not be a noticable person

may be because im a shy person.

Thats the reason why you don’t acknowledge my presence

As time pass by,

yet you’re still far away

Far~ Far~ away in a place that I cant reach

I didnt realise it until this moment that admiring one is so hard like this.

Eventhough I may not be able to see your sweet smile on your adorable face


Will I ever get to meet you again ?

May be some day,

I guess.

The day that I will be able attract your attention.

Mcm The flower and the bee.

(the beauty and the beast,...i know its lame...(-_-!) )

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *