Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Before 23th June

I gazed upon the sky .

It was cloudy today and moreover its chilling cold these days as winter is

arriving soon.( Freezing (n_n) siuk~ )

I was completely de-"motivated" when I get to know that my ielts result is not that

sufficient to meet the UQ's English requirement (for the 4th time, stupid x_X) and

everything is out of hand when I found out that my exams are coming soon than I

less expected it to be.

One word that keeps on echo’ing in my ear :




At night,

I cant sleep very well as if Im having some kind of insomnia.

Hrmmm. I forget how to sleep la (0_0)

May be,

because i keep on thinking about my EXAMS


Having irregular sleep pattern appears to effect my daily activities.

When I wake up late (Z_Z)

I feel so weak as I skip my breakfast even my lauch

(#_#) ~Alert low sugar level detected!!

Even skinnier than usual. Hahaha! (Skinny~)


I can say that Im in the state of chaos with my
overgrown mustache and beard (kusut usulnya) rather look more mature in a way. (muahaha)

At this moment,

Everything is confusing for me

I feel like every living creatures around me will turn to vain by my presence.


Especially for HER”. (From the beginning until now ^_^)

~(Being sentimental now)~


Staring at you from a distant

You soften my heart yet again ( case ang’gau) .

I may not be a noticable person

may be because im a shy person.

Thats the reason why you don’t acknowledge my presence

As time pass by,

yet you’re still far away

Far~ Far~ away in a place that I cant reach

I didnt realise it until this moment that admiring one is so hard like this.

Eventhough I may not be able to see your sweet smile on your adorable face


Will I ever get to meet you again ?

May be some day,

I guess.

The day that I will be able attract your attention.

Mcm The flower and the bee.

(the beauty and the beast,...i know its lame...(-_-!) )


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *